To change the way you view the world, start with these cookbooks

2018 is the year of culturally diverse cookbooks and leveled-up recipes

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Between Harlem and Heaven: Afro-Asian-American Cooking for Big Nights, Weeknights, and Every Day by Alexander Smalls, J.J. Johnson, and Veronica Chambers

Alexander Smalls and J.J. Johnson, the chefs behind The Cecil and Minton’s, take us on an in-depth culinary journey of the Afro-Asian-American flavor profile through various recipes that combine these cuisines. While the concept is already interesting itself, this book is considered one of the few that expounded on the influence of the African diaspora on the global cuisine. Thought-provoking essays by Veronica Chambers can also be found in the book along with galleries of delicious dishes and salads.

Out now

First We Eat: Good Food for Simple Gatherings from My Pacific Northwest Kitchen by Eva Kosmas Flores

Eva Kosmas Flores gets inspired by her Greek heritage and the abundant produce in her Oregon garden as she crafts seasonal and mouthwatering recipes for any occasion. Her cookbook celebrates the influence of the Mediterranean regions in shaping the culinary identity of the Pacific Northwest, all designed for anyone who wants to share recipes with friends and family.

Out now 

The Perfect Cake: Your Ultimate Guide to Classic, Modern, and Ultimate Cakes by The Editors at America’s Test Kitchen

A book on cake can already grab anyone’s attention, but a book on cake by The Editors at America’s Test Kitchen will catch anyone’s attention and interest. This book has chapters of cake-baking guides, including mix-and-match layer cakes, frostings, and fillings for any event. New techniques and flavors in cake-baking are also tackled in the book.

Out now

Where Chefs Eat: A Guide to Chefs’ Favourite Restaurants by Joe Warwick

Over 400 renowned chefs, including Daniel Boulud, Daniel Humm, and David Chang, reveal their go-to restaurants and food in this one-of-a-kind guidebook. Discover where to eat, when to go, and what to order in this book that has all the good and bad reviews of the places the chefs have been to. There’s also a guide map and an easy-to-use system of organization that can help you navigate in case you want to go through the entire culinary journey.

Out now 

Feast: Food of the Islamic World by Anissa Helou

Chef Anissa Helou has lived and traveled throughout Egypt, Syria, Iran, and Indonesia, and gathered some of the timeless and flavorful Middle Eastern recipes in this regional cookbook. She shares various dishes from the Arab, Persian, South Asian, and North African cooking like kebabs and biryanis and highlights the culinary heritage of her Middle Eastern roots.

Out on May 29

Aska by Fredrik Berselius

Chef Fredrik Berselius reimagines the beginnings of his restaurant, Aska, in his cookbook set to be released in May. Aska, meaning “ashes” in Swedish, offers cuisine inspired by Berselius’ life experiences and Brooklyn’s local environment. The book will also tackle Scandinavian flavors and techniques that also feature ingredients and producers from the Northeast United States.

Out on May 29

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