Any bartender worth his salt will tell you that alcohol should never be consumed on its own. Finding the perfect complement to your drink of choice is not as easy as it seems. Worst case scenario: The snack overpowers your senses. Best case scenario: it brings out the best elements in your drink.

This is where The Gin Gins Dried Fruits comes in, a local brand with a line of dried lemons, dalandan, clementines, oranges, and pineapples to go with your whisky, gin, cocktails, and even tea.

Each fruit is locally grown, handpicked, and hand prepared. “We don’t add any sweeteners or preservatives. It’s just sped up drying process through a dehydrator,” explains Bernice Cruz, founder and self-proclaimed “fruit slicer” of The Gin Gins Dried Fruits.

Opened only last December, Gin Gins was established when Cruz saw the increase in gin consumption, home bars, and the consumer’s inclination towards healthier food. “Spices like cinnamon, cardamoms, star anise, etc. are easily found in supermarkets and all the palengkes but dried fruit is not—unless you’re looking for the ones coated in sweeteners… I just figured it would be a good idea to make my own dried fruit.”

The even brighter side to this story is the dried fruits can be kept for up to six months and still taste the same.

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