Who says you can’t go into business with family

In any relationship that dares crossing over to business, there seems to be more risk than there is profit. But some partnerships prove that to champion this daring industry, one needs trust and professionalism in order to emerge successful in the entirely different worlds of married life and business venture. 

Nowie and Odette Potenciano

Sunny Side Group owners Nowie and Odette Potenciano are known for how they value their staff above all else. When Boracay underwent rehabilitation last year, they made sure to leave no one behind despite the restaurant closures leaving them financially crippled. Though the Potencianos knew that they would be saving a lot if they didn’t provide temporary employment for their staff, it wouldn’t make them happy.

They were on a vacation in Boracay in 2005 when they first realized the need for a place for good ice cream. As they both especially like anything sweet, they began with a franchise of Fruits and Ice-Cream which they then expanded to other areas in the country. Soon enough Fling Frozen Yoghurt was added and then came their own brand of ice cream-filled mochi which they called Mochiko. 

Currently, they have The Sunny Side Café, Spicebird and Supermagic Burgers in Boracay where they serve the 95 percent of tourists that make up the majority of their customers. Their wide selection of all-day breakfast, barbecue, burgers and of course, desserts made their name known not just on the island but all over the country. Popo Teahouse and Coco Mama are also among their homegrown brands.

Gabbi Ramos-Flores and Jack Flores

The former New York-based chefs brought their concept Made Nice Supper Club in the Philippines in 2016, a business they formed with Jack’s college friends before he came back to the country. Now simply Made Nice, they’ve distanced themselves from the (too) experimental ideas they’ve thrown in for the sake of making their food impressive—in turn coming up with a menu intended for casual fine dining and Western-Asian flavors. 

Starting out in their 20s (Gabbi was the youngest then at the age of 22), they were busy with the pursuit of outdoing themselves. In their new Rockwell location, they’ve decided to “grow up” and become the familiar Made Nice. From serving “whatever the hell they wanted,” they’re now coming up with food that would resonate with their diners and ensure them longevity more than anything.

Jeremy and Jen Slagle

When they discovered that their life in the kitchen and their even busier life at home is going to cause struggles, classically trained French chefs Jeremy and Jen Slagle put up Mister Delicious in 2016 to bring “slow cooked, real foods accessible to busy people.” Their frozen food preserved at its peak of freshness guarantees high quality food which is normally thought of as impossible when it comes to the business of frozen food.

Aside from their online food venture, the Slagles are also concept consultants. They are best known for their work on Makati’s Hole in the Wall and Local Editions, among others. They do not only focus on concept development—they make it a point to cover menu, costing, auditing, even going as far as staff training. Confidence and hype will always be present when it comes to putting up a new restaurant, but they also inject reality and pragmatism to get things on the right track. For them, it’s what will ensure the survival of businesses. 

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