Social media is the new battleground for brands and businesses. Being part of this new norm and wanting to stand out requires more than just the usual content you produce. It’s about time you churn out relevant and diverse content that can translate to over 2.4 billion active users—just on Facebook alone. Assert your social media presence with these creative content ideas you can try across social media platforms:

Turn a post into a video

A 30-second video can already encapsulate key information from your previous, non-video content.

Do how-to video content

These videos can center on tips, guides and behind-the-scenes. Since many social media platforms automatically play videos without sound, include captions or subtitles so viewers get a hint of what you’re talking about even if the video is on mute.

Go live

Live videos increase organic reach as well as up your engagement. These types of videos are ranked higher on Facebook’s newsfeed than non-live content. Facebook has also stated that users spend thrice the average time on live videos. Though it doesn’t have to be scripted or professionally-shot and produced, it still pays to plan a live video—that is, without sacrificing spontaneity.

Have an interview (and do it live)

Invite an industry professional, a colleague or even one of your viewers to a live interview. Including your users in the actual content will establish better connections as well as place your producer-consumer relationship on a personal level. This can also be a way to get feedback and market your brand as approachable and familiar. If you’re a beginner and still think that live streaming is a huge step, you can pre-record the interview before posting.

Use 360-degree photos and videos

Here’s a literally new perspective when posting photos and videos on social media. Give your audience the complete view of what your content is all about by capturing things 360 degrees. This can be applied when you’re promoting your event’s next venue, showing the interiors of your new restaurant or wanting to take a shot of your whole team. Take advantage of this strategy to make your business as inviting as possible.

Post a GIF

GIFs can easily convey a message in 15 seconds. Aside from being relevant (and most of the time, funny), these autoplay snack videos are user-friendly and can be produced almost every day. Pancake chain IHOP’s attempt at renaming its brand—after 60 years—used a six-second GIF flipping the letter “P” in its previous name to a “b” to reveal the IHOB. Even if they decided to “ditch the switch,” it was still a success as burger purchases increased four to seven times.

Utilize user-generated content

Carefully curate content that would be most suited to what your audience is looking for. Engage users by sharing their content and allowing them to tell their own stories through your posts. You’ll be able to gain a good number of followers and, more importantly, create a community.

Employ all-in-one images

Because a picture paints a thousand words, you can rely on images to get your message across. Posts usually contain links to certain articles, captions and hashtags (for SEO purposes), but what if you try to move out of this practice? Self-explanatory images that contain minimal text and expressive illustrations may be just what you need to create insightful content that says everything in one photo. Take Burger King’s revival of its chicken fries in 2013, whose viral Twitter post was enough to boost US and Canada sales to its highest in two years

Take a shot at charts and graphs

Turn key findings and lengthy studies into visual representations through charts and graphs. Just like self-explanatory images, these methods of presenting data are easy to grasp and more likely to be shared than long-form hard facts.

Create infographics

Infographics effectively summarize information-heavy content and still engage users. Different brands have already utilized infographics that it’s almost too easy to distinguish which has better quality than the other. A general tip on would be to keep it targeted, concise and visually appealing.

Collaborate with other brands

If you want to expand your readership and gain more traction, partnering with organizations, businesses and personalities will help you come up with content that’s fresh and beneficial for both parties. Once you’ve aligned the content you’ll be coming up with, it would be easy to promote each other and generate broader market reach. 

An example of a brand collaboration (attempt) would be Burger King’s “peace offering” with rival McDonald’s. They proposed a McWhopper to raise awareness on Peace One Day, which McDonald’s declined, thinking their two brands can make a bigger difference, and caused a backlash.

Try social swapping

A simpler version of brand partnerships, social swapping is sharing your independent content to another’s social platform. This doesn’t necessarily require brainstorming ideas together to create one unified content. You only have to share a video or an infographic from a different brand on your own social media platform. You can work with a business whose audience you want to tap and would also gain something from your content.

Host a contest

If your brand is celebrating its anniversary or is having an upcoming event, you can hold social media contests that not only benefits viewers but also increases followers. We’ve seen schemes like this across various social media platforms. You can host giveaways on your products, vouchers and free passes to events. To fully take advantage of these social contests, structure your mechanics in such a way that promotes your brand such as tagging a friend, sharing your post or posting your hashtag.

Poll your audience

Another way to engage viewers is through polls. This can also be a form of market research as you can ask them what type of content they want to see, what events they would be willing to attend and which of your posts are their favorites—almost like a survey but minus the tedious forms.

Ask a question

With social media, you can get your audience’s response within a matter of seconds. Prioritize customer feedback and suggestions. It pays when they see you’re listening to them. This instantly creates loyalty among your social media followers. When Domino’s Pizza launched the #PavingforPizza campaign, they weren’t only able to fix road potholes across America (the campaign still lives on today) that damage pizza delivery, they also became the top US pizza chain in 2018 with $12.3 billion in gross sales.

State interesting statistics

Numbers are significant to businesses. Presenting statistics will intrigue your readers to learn more as to what constitutes those numbers. Before posting, make sure that any figure you release is relevant and up-to-date to avoid misinformation.

Share a meaningful quote

This timeless strategy gets your content’s core. A quote or a question can perform better than just posting your promos or article titles. Encourage readers to respond—do they agree or disagree with your perspective?

Make a listicle

Extract your article’s ideas into a comprehensive list. You can include this in caption of your post, even use these in photos. A listicle provides context and invites readers to visit the article to satisfy their curiosity. Often overlooked, diversifying your social media caption instantly ups the quality of your posts from details your audience would ignore to information they’d actually pay attention to.

Work with symbols and emojis

Before anything else, make sure that this strategy is aligned with your brand’s identity. If you think this particular tactic matches the image of your business, you can try using emojis and symbols into your posts. Emojis have worked well for Taco Bell as its #TacoEmoji campaign became a global petition to put a taco icon on the emoji keyboard, even utilizing this as a marketing tool to promote their brand.

Share your followers’ post: Acknowledge your followers. Show your appreciation by reposting their photos that include your brand or even by mentioning them in your captions. Maintaining a strong connection with your audience will always leave you with a strong impression on your market.