Over the past month, The Moment Group’s frozen food line The Moment Grocer  has introduced ready-to-cook products from different brands, among them Manam’s house crispy sisig and 8Cut’s house patties. Din Tai Fung’s signature dishes like shrimp and pork wontons and shao mai are also available. And so is the Taiwanese brand’s pork xiaolongbao, the dumplings that are a cornerstone of the DTF menu. 

With its open kitchen, Din Tai Fung allows diners to witness how its famous dumplings are made from scratch and  stays true to its authentic brand heritage. 

From the usual dine-in, takeout and delivery options, the pork dumpling specialty has become more accessible to consumers via frozen grocery packs. The dining experience is however preserved by maintaining the original quality of the product, even when cooked at home.

Each of The Moment Grocer’s products comes with a how-to sticker on its package and a QR code to access the detailed step-by-step cooking process.

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