F&B Report is the the Philippines’ first and most authoritative foodservice magazine that feeds readers with the most current and relevant news, insights, and innovations in the food and beverage landscape. From its former F&B World nameplate, the refreshed and rebranded F&B Report reflects a more commanding vibe with a clear intention to track the pulse of the foodservice industry. Snappier storytelling, arresting narratives, and new sections and columnists give renewed energy on the arguably cleaner, larger, and more sophisticated pages. Even the images and illustrations are made over to facilitate a more engaging read. exists to complement F&B Report—the print magazine known for bringing long-form stories to life with a clean and modern design that connects with the foodservice industry.

With a capable team and pool of contributors dispatched locally and internationally to give a truthful view of the industries socio-economic and cultural shifts, F&B Report maintains its authoritative reputation of balancing style and substance.