It’s the season to drive more revenue and sales, what with people in a rush to buy gifts for loved ones and stocking up for holiday eats. But your usual marketing strategies may need a reboot, especially now that competition has gotten tougher as the pandemic has trimmed down jobs and resources for goods and services. 

Step up your game with these three holiday marketing strategies.

Start early

Now is not the time to procrastinate or wait too long for the “perfect timing”—you have to start now. Even before December,  consumers have been thinking about brands to add to their Christmas list. That’s why it’s ideal to plot your holiday campaign around August or September, with sales initiatives launched as early as November. Although consumers have a tendency to shop last-minute, there are others who want to avoid the holiday rush, so this approach will encourage them to buy brands that are out there early.

Have an online showroom and a sense of urgency

A photo album on Facebook or a themed Instagram feed can be your online showroom. Give shoppers a chance to really get to know your brand and what you’re offering. A video campaign can be an effective tool to capture all of this at once. You also need to create a sense of urgency on your landing pages to remove any hesitancy from your consumers. You can do this by releasing time-sensitive offers such as limited edition items or promos. A sales countdown will keep consumers at the edge of their seat while waiting for your holiday initiatives to launch.

Appreciate your customers

With the birth of new brands and the commencement of year-end sales, it’s possible to lose loyal and long-term customers. How can you keep them with you? By showing gratitude. There are many ways to thank your regular clients and show that you really value them. Try personalizing your response or engaging in genuine conversation with them. Maintaining a human connection can motivate consumers to come back. Free rewards can also serve as your Christmas gift to your returning clients.

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