Bruce Winton, cluster general manager at Marriott International, insists that working in hotels is not always glamorous. The simplicity of his insights on how to keep hotels running smoothly and tips on how to stay in the industry proves this: In his years of experience working extensively for various hotels, the top three things he believes every hotel professional should value are passion, commitment, and integrity.

“There’s a lot of hard work, late nights, working on holidays, time away from family, and all those things that can be quite grueling for many years in the hospitality industry,” he says. Simply working hard, loving what you do, having the willingness to do the hard jobs as much as the easy ones, and always keeping your values in check are trade secrets Winton strongly attests to.

The last one is particularly important in leadership roles and decision making. “Integrity is the key to the success of the business and individuals.” Winton’s advice possesses more of the qualities of an aphorism than a trade secret, but it’s something that’s worked for him and is definite proof that when it really comes down to it, good hotel service takes hard work.

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