For 25 years, the Hotel and Restaurant Chefs’ Association of the Philippines (HRCAP) has been fulfilling its mission of empowering Filipino chefs working in the local and international scene. This year, the group’s renaissance begins by gearing their purpose towards better inclusivity and solidarity. 

HRCAP was founded in 1994 by Bert Francisco, a retired hotel chef from Cavite. He has worked under established hotels in the country such as the Manila Hotel and the Diamond Hotel. Succeeding him is chef Dennis Peralta, who has been HRCAP’s president since 2017. Peralta is one of the first Filipinos to become the culinary director of Resorts World Manila and is currently the executive chef of the City Garden group of hotels.

“As president, I take this role as a challenge to strengthen the association and reach the most number of kitchen professionals, ” said Peralta when asked what it means to be HRCAP’s new leader.

Chef Angelo Guison, the association’s PR and marketing head, said that Peralta’s passion for supporting Filipino chefs prompted HRCAP’s revival. The group’s goal is now fuelled with renewed inspiration and strength as they aim to support their members through employment recommendation, skills training, and industry networking. Most of all, they want to foster camaraderie among Filipino chefs.

HRCAP believes that Filipino chefs working globally deserve recognition for their grit and hard work; it also acknowledges the Filipino’s command of the food industry and so the association includes not only chefs and cooks but also people who share the same ideals.

Currently with 460 members, and over 100 more to enter this year, the group offers affordable membership that can cater to  budding Filipino chefs.

HRCAP’s genuine desire to help push their members towards success as well as their concern for these foodservice professionals’ welfare are much needed in the gruelling (but immensely gratifying) F&B industry.

“HRCAP will always and forever be for the welfare and empowerment of Filipino chefs. I envision that HRCAP will be the biggest and most organized association of kitchen professionals in the Philippines covering all major regions in the country and chapters abroad. Also, we dream of the day that all cucineros will take pride and honor in what they do,” said Guison.

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