Global fast food chain Jollibee launched its delivery business in its US and Canadian stores this week. Stay-at-home consumers can now access its menu via the online delivery service DoorDash. Jollibee’s dine-in outlets have been temporarily closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, with operations in North America and Canada limited to drive-through in select locations, call and pick-up and takeout services.

In observance of food safety protocols, each order has a tamper-evident seal to ensure that food wasn’t touched after being packaged in-store. Aside from the nationwide delivery, Jollibee has also donated 5,000 meals to healthcare workers in hospitals as an appreciation for their service in the time of a global health crisis. Other brands under Jollibee Foods Corporation, namely Chowking and Red Ribbon, have also launched a delivery system in the US through DoorDash. 

Jollibee’s delivery service is available in North America, specifically in the states of Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Washington and Virginia as well as the provinces of Manitoba, Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan in Canada.

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