When food meets design, the result is a delightful collaboration between industry players. Manila Takeout’s fundraising initiative benefits local restaurants through sales of limited edition merch sold online. One hundred percent of proceeds goes directly to restaurant staff. 



“We aim to bridge the disciplinary gap between Philippine creatives—connecting those in need of help with those that are able to offer it,” states a post on their Instagram.

Inspired by R/G’s Merch Aid and multiple heritage brand fundraisers from around the world, Manila Takeout produced t-shirts designs featuring iconic Philippine restaurants. 



The restaurants featured in Manila Takeout’s collection include Toyo Eatery, Mendokoro Ramenba and Ramen Yushoken, Curator, El Chupacabra, Wildflour, El Union Coffee, Yardstick, Milky Way Cafe, Lagrima, Made Nice, 12/10, Oto, Route 196, Bowery, Today x Future, Cibo, Manam, Mamou, Sabong, Elephant Grounds, La Chinesca, Metiz and A Mano


Some of the artists involved are Nicole Coson, Luis Antonio Santos, Pow Martinez, Paulina Paige, Bad Student, Rob Cham and Dan Matutina.

Manila Takeout is already on their fifth and final line and will only be accepting pre-orders until Nov. 8. Visit their site to shop.

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