Coffee brand Nespresso rings in 2019 with a new coffee experience that pays tribute to the historical roots of coffee houses. Introducing two new limited edition variants, the brand traces the origins of the world’s first coffeehouses in Istanbul and Venice to allow aficionados to enjoy the taste of old-world Europe at home.

The coffeehouses in Istanbul were always bustling with energy, bringing together different cultures and inspiring exchanges of theories and ideas. The coffeehouses and blends were no different. The limited edition variant Cafe Istanbul encapsulates the Oriental notes and intense profiles of the former Constantinople. Made of Arabian mocha coffee from Yemen, Cafe Istanbul has an exotic character that carries strongly roasted and black pepper spicy notes.

Caffe Venezia, with its elegant and delicate profile, reflects the artistic and trendsetting experimentations of Venice. This blend features coffee from the Ethiopian city of Harrar mixed with Indian Arabica to create a cup rich with the exotic perfume of the East. Wild and floral notes are combined with a roasted character, making this variant a complex choice.

Both flavors come in a special packaging that features illustrations by artist Young Rascal. “I was really inspired by the idea of taking a typical coffee lover from today, complete with headphones, and placing them into a scene from the past,” explains Rascal. “The coffeehouses of Venice and Istanbul were the hubs of society and a real melting pot. Placing our modern-day coffee drinkers with the citizens of that time made me think: would they fit in? Of course, they would! Their clothing would differ, but the age-old art of conversation and laughter would remain.”

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