Eat the Dishes is a vegan street food concept in Vancouver, Canada that serves soup, hot chocolate, ice cream, and chili in edible, freshly-baked, and naturally seasoned bread cups that lasts for two hours without leaking. 

An advocate for the zero-waste cause, founder Marissa Bergeron sampled street food in five continents while working for an international airline. After noticing the amount of food packaging that’s accumulated in every flight, early this year Bergeron decided to put up Eat the Dishes, a business that’s meant to combat waste while showcasing the flavors of street food.

Bergeron, who has been a vegan for 16 years now, told Living Vegan: “I started to question what I was doing to solve this issue. I knew I had to align my beliefs with my actions and I felt the sudden need to do something creative to gain attention about the single-use item crisis. That’s more or less how Eat the Dishes came to fruition.” Bergeron wanted to prove that it was possible to run a quick-service street food concept without having to use styrofoam, cardboard, and plastic—and in the process encourage people to take a look at the impacts of consumption: “We want our customers to feel empowered to rethink their relationship with single-use items, animals, and the environment,” said Bergeron.

The cups are made using a  basic recipe that’s similar to that of pizza dough. To that they add different herbs and spices that will suit the different kinds of soup they serve. Other items on their menu include: freshly baked garlic cups, Moroccan peanut and creamy mushroom soup, vegan chili, and customizable ice cream sundaes.

Aside from the bread cups, Eat the Dishes also makes edible spoons and upcycles scraps of fabric to make reusable napkins. The cups and napkins make up a meal that’s perfect for those who are on the go. While reusable napkins cost more to produce and buy than their disposable counterparts, these products are designed for thousands of uses and can reduce expenses and help a business manage food waste better.

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