Following the steps of counterparts in Australia and New Zealand, international engineering company Aurecon launched its new visual employment contracts in Asia starting with its office in the Philippines. According to Aurecon’s global shared services manager in the Philippines Sonny Bartido, the visual employment contract will strengthen the relationship between the organization and the employee right at the moment of hiring.

Eliminating more than 4,000 words with illustrations, lengthy documents with legal jargons and complex terms will now be explained through images and visual representations. The innovation aims to ensure that the intent behind the letter of appointment and its conditions are understood by both parties.

“This is a welcome development in the Philippines because visual arts are highly embedded in the Filipino way of living. But visual employment contracts are not only about the images. It is about ensuring that we establish understanding, engagement, and trust with our employees right away,” says Bartido.

Although not yet tested before the court, the company’s external legal counsel in the country confirms the enforceability of using illustrations in employment contracts.

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