Best of 2019 - home As 2019 concludes in a little more than a month, it's apparent that some storylines clearly dictated the course of the year. From a pioneering Filipino restaurant’s consistently precise yet unintentional steps towards regional and global recognition to a Filipina chef’s long-awaited entrance (finally) in the local dining scene and even the new guards of Pinoy gastronomy taking their well-deserved seats in culinary history, the characters that make up the year's most significant highlights are just as poised to make inroads in the years ahead. So it's not surprising that 2019 has turned out to be an encapsulation of what Filipino talent is all about. Yet there's none of that woeful unpredictability that comes with the trite Pinoy pride ethos haunting many entries on best-of lists. What we have for you today—and in the weeks ahead as we slowly reveal more of the industry's unrivaled peers—are moments that define a generation striving to defy classification. Toyo Eatery
JP Anglo
Hapag Mark Ocampo Made Nice The Back Room Metronome Elbert Cuenca