With thousands of restaurant concepts opening up every year, it’s a challenge to make yours not only stand out but also last.

Elbert Cuenca of Metronome, Elbert’s Steak Room, and Elbert’s Pizzeria says that the way to ensure the lasting power of a business is to look at the intention behind it. Adapting to and understanding what your market wants and being able to craft a better experience for customers is an important step.

For Ryan Cruz of Ramen Yushoken, Mendokoro Ramenba, and Kazunori, the main factors that can inspire restaurant innovation are education and travel, as they offer perspectives and experiences that can help the business evolve.

Meanwhile, for The Standard Group executive chef Nicco Santos, one other factor that can make or break a restaurant business is the staff. Looking for people who have an “innate love to make a difference” helps because, according to Santos, it’ll be a quality that will naturally come out in your staff no matter what station they’ll be placed.

Sweet Ecstasy’s Al Galang on the other hand offers advice on the more practical end. When it comes to sourcing ingredients, Galang says, go local. More than just being sustainable, sourcing local ensures you have easy access to your product. It also makes it easier to check and ensure your ingredients’ quality.