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Not only is bibingka part of our diet, they are also part of our indigenous culture

Illustrating the history of bibingka

Bibingka is basically ground rice and water. It is generally called kakanin from the word kanin, meaning cooked

Finding flavors that pair well with lamb is easy; you just have to be smart about it

What to cook now? Lamb

As I sit in the afternoon traffic northbound of EDSA, gazing at the taillights of buses, cars and

The image of burong isda is iconic—stored in large, colorful jars of filleted and butterflied fish attractively layered with rice

How to make burong isda

The mere mention of buro inspires either intense delight or a quickly wrinkled nose depending on who you’re

Cauliflower can easily substitute your usual carbohydrate

What to cook now? Cauliflower

In many regards, cauliflower has always held a special place in my heart. Growing up in the south

Let us help erase that myth that making longganisa can actually be quite easy, hygienic, and fun.

How to make longganisa

Have you ever heard of the expression “nothing goes to waste”? Well, sausage-making was borne out of that

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to pairing wine with Filipino food

How to pair wine with Filipino food

We’ve been told that red wine goes with steak and white wine complements fish, but what goes with

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