Ask any passerby on the street, and they could probably easily say that they’ve experienced the luxury of staying at a three-, four-, or even five-star hotel. While any reputable establishment’s most basic rooms already come with generous hospitality, nothing could compare to the highest and most exclusive accommodations that a hotel offers—the presidential suite. Decked with one-of-a-kind furnishings and special amenities, these luxe lodgings serve as a temporary abode to prominent business people, high rollers, and heads of state.


Celebrating 40 years in the Philippine hospitality industry this year, the Peninsula Manila has managed to stay at the top of the hotel industry while maintaining the same opulence guests originally fell in love with. Mariano Garchitorena, the Pen’s director of public relations, fondly calls it one of the “old ladies on the block” in Makati City. Its presidential suite, named the Peninsula Suite, is one of a kind.

Visitors are immediately greeted in the receiving area by a majestic large art piece constructed with rubber masquerading as golden steel—a simple preview of the contemporary art that balances the suite’s vintage design. The air of nostalgia is so strong it’s like a scene straight out of the ’70s. Thanks to the hotel’s partnership with Filipino galleries, the two-bedroom suite is luxuriously decked with pieces by local artists such as Mac Valdezco, Allain Hablo, Isagani Fuentes, Mario Prencipe, and Rosario Sanchez. Further into the suite, the study is well stacked with books on politics, philosophy, art, and most importantly, Filipino culture, should the guest be eager to learn. A noteworthy feature that makes it stand out from other presidential suites is the direct access to the hotel’s helipad, which is preferable for visitors requiring high security measures. It is no surprise that many of the Peninsula Suite’s guests include the most powerful heads of state.

Apart from the 24-hour butler service and top-of-the-line amenities, what truly sets a stay in the Peninsula Suite apart is its comfort and hospitality served on a silver platter, the true Filipino way.


New World Hotel’s presidential suite, situated at the hotel’s top floor, is all about charm, practicality, and reliability. The venue has served as a home away from home for traveling business people, media and lifestyle personalities, and global influencers from various industries. It is structured for meetings and intimate gatherings, with a kitchen separate from the overall receiving area. Adjacent to the presidential suite is a separate deluxe room that is accessible through connecting doors—ideal for visitors traveling with family or close friends. The quaint one-bedroom suite includes a bathroom with a Jacuzzi and a steam shower area.

Singapore-based company White Jacket designed the presidential suite. Its exquisite art pieces all hail from abroad. There is an air of sophistication about the area, with a distinct masculine feel balancing the elegance of the suite’s overall modern Oriental look. Included in the room is a fully functioning telescope, should the tired visitor want to find solace and inspiration in the stars.

With its close proximity to Greenbelt and other nearby restaurants and establishments, the New World presidential suite is best for those with a taste for the city lifestyle and nightlife. Guests can also expect to be pampered by New World’s The Residence Club, ready to provide any service that visitors need.

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