The Philippines is on the way to modernizing its agricultural practices, starting with nine new “smart greenhouses” recently launched in Baguio City.

“Smart Greenhouse Philippines” is a pilot project located at the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) compound. This step towards “smart” agriculture was largely funded by the Korean International Cooperation Agency and private Korean companies.

At PHP122.29 million pesos, the project is housed on a 3,450 square meter lot in Baguio City. It aims to help small and medium-sized farmers reach competitive standards through modern agricultural technology.

“Even the temperature and the amount of water can be controlled by a computer or a mobile phone,” says Department of Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol.

Of the nine solar-powered greenhouses, eight of the greenhouses will be used to grow crops while one greenhouse will be reserved for research and development studies.

Some of the products to be grown at the greenhouses include red and yellow cherry Korean tomatoes, also known as grape tomatoes. At least one ton of the produce is expected to be harvested every week. Potatoes and strawberries are also among the produce that can be grown and harvested in the greenhouse.

“We have long been dependent on importation but if we get our acts together, we can be a major exporting country of quality farm products through technology and innovation,” says Piñol.

Given the demand for local Filipino products in the international market, particularly in eastern Europe, Piñol explains, “They would like to discover what the Philippines has to offer.”

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