A recent study just confirmed what Filipinos have always known: Nothing beats Filipino food.

The global data company YouGov surveyed more than 25,000 people across 24 countries to gauge their opinions on the national cuisines of 34 cultures. As one would expect, Italian food was ranked the most popular with an average 84 percent popularity score, followed by Chinese cuisine at 78 percent and Japanese food at 71 percent.

Among those who judged these cuisines highly was none other than the Philippines, which ranked as the most likely to appreciate international cuisine. This should come as no surprise to Filipinos, especially given the array of foreign cuisine restaurants in the metro.

On average, 67 percent of Filipinos liked any foreign cuisine they tried, with American, Japanese, and Italian cuisine being the most favored among the community. 

Only five types of food didn’t make the cut. The cuisines not liked by the majority of Filipino respondents include: Lebanese, Norwegian, Saudi Arabian, Finnish, and Peruvian.

As for how Filipinos ranked in the eyes of other nations, Philippine cuisine didn’t fare so well. An average of only 36 percent of respondents from other countries liked Filipino food, with the lowest ranking coming from the Japanese of which only 21 percent enjoyed the cuisine.

Despite the low rating from other cultures, only one ranking stood out: The most popular cuisine among Filipinos was Filipino cuisine. At a 97 percent popularity ranking, it’s clear that while others don’t think as highly of Filipino food, Filipinos put local above all.

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