There’s more to seasoning than taste; there’s also the opportunity it provides businesses that attract aspiring restaurateurs and entrepreneurs. Having a flavor authority is certainly one way to boost your menu, and that’s exactly what McCormick hopes to do with its diverse line of spices and seasoning.

Spice as soul

Rashmi Dowlani of Saffron Plates uses McCormick’s curry powder for their empanada-style samosas to give it that strong, delicious taste. Meanwhile, John Uy of Herbivora says that they use the brand’s cayenne powder and sriracha sauce for their bestselling Asian noodles dish.

Bri Leones of In a Nutshell shares how they use four McCormick products in one dish: the Scarborough Fair. As for China Mommy, Oliver Co says they’ve been using McCormick’s classic black pepper for almost all their dishes since day one.

But none are as big a fan of the brand as Charlie and Angus Home Kitchen, which uses McCormick for almost all their in-house food, particularly the Spanish and smoked paprika, cumin powder, coriander, oregano, thyme, bayleaf, cloves, turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, and star anise for their classic hummus, falafel, Persian chicken, hot sauces, and infused honey.

“The spices are the soul to our food,” says Cahmae Pastor of Charlie and Angus, which explains why their dishes simply aren’t the same without McCormick seasoning. Meanwhile, Dowlani simply describes it as “a premium ingredient” that effortlessly improves the quality of a product. As for Uy, it provides an extra kick to the taste buds.

Money matters

Besides its direct effect on flavor, McCormick products are a financial boon for MSMEs as it offers quality flavors at a competitive price. “Some micro businesses might opt for other brands or brand-less ones because of the price, but you won’t get the same flavor and quality as the ones you get from McCormick products,” says Cahmae.

Beyond their staple spices, McCormick’s kitchen products, like their Agemono Fry Sets, McCormick Singles, and Seasoning Blends, are also on the rise, offering a new level of versatility to dishes. Guests at McCormick Flavor Nation Festival 2019 were given a taste at McCormick Avenue’s Agemono Food Truck and Smoothie Bar.

The McCormick Smoothie Bar on McCormick Avenue
The McCormick Smoothie Bar on McCormick Avenue

Giving small enterprises an even larger avenue to promote their businesses and brands, the McCormick Flavor Nation Festival 2019 connected SMEs like China Mommy, Saffron Plates, Charlie and Angus, and Herbivora to a larger audience. Known for selling party trays good for groups, China Mommy had the opportunity to let interested guests try their dishes on a smaller scale. For Saffron Plates, the event bridged Indian culture to Filipino palates. Meanwhile, In a Nutshell notes how the event allowed them to establish a presence in the community while surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs.

Unsung heroes

McCormick Flavor National Festival 2019 was a celebration of local flavors and entrepreneurship that was also guided by the brand’s commitment to using their influence to positively impact society where they can.

According to Audrey Dy, product manager of McCormick Philippines, “10 percent of proceeds from concessionaires and 100 percent of proceeds from McCormick Avenue will go to Missionaries of the Poor (PH),” a local religious charity that aims to open public consciousness on the struggles of the homeless, destitute, and aged.

Hindy Weber, one of the speakers and guest chefs who gave a live cooking demo at McCormick Flavor Nation Festival 2019
Hindy Weber, one of the speakers and guest chefs who gave a live cooking demo at McCormick Flavor Nation Festival 2019

With the proceeds from McCormick Flavor National Festival, the organization will be holding a soup kitchen to service the underprivileged from their headquarters in Sta. Ana, Manila.

Another group that the McCormick Flavor National Festival is supporting is the farming community through the Farmers Market area that featured concessionaires Hineleban and Session Groceries, which benefit indigenous peoples and local farmers.

Session Groceries at the Farmers Market section
Session Groceries at the Farmers Market section

This is just one example of how a big brand can make a notable impact on small enterprises and the society at large, especially in support of noble causes that directly affect the entire F&B industry.