The demands inherent in running foodservice and hospitality businesses often come at the cost of one’s precious timetime that could be used to unwind or to keep up with the industry. Fortunately, there are resources such as podcasts: useful information delivered in an easy-to-consume format. With streaming rapidly becoming the standard for content consumption, podcasts have branched out to different niches, including the F&B and hospitality industries. Whether it be about restaurant marketing, hospitality trends, or capital growth, there’s always a podcast that covers both the most basic and in-depth F&B and hospitality topics. This list is a good start:

Restaurant Unstoppable

Spurred by his dream of owning his own restaurant, Eric Cacciatore hosts Restaurant Unstoppable in the hopes of seeking wisdom from the industry’s best. The podcast regularly features chefs, entrepreneurs and restaurant owners eager to share their stories, tips, and recommendations on operating within the foodservice industry. Covering topics on restaurant management, including capital growth, employee retention, and effective marketing, Restaurant Unstoppable is an essential to any aspiring restaurateur.

The Sporkful

“Hey, the world of food is broad,” claims The Sporkful, and the award-winning podcast proves it by featuring a variety of guests who bring with them fun and insightful tidbits on all things related to the food industry. From chefs like Ann Kim who share their inspiring tales of success to celebrities like Bill Nye who geek out over their favorite dishes, host Dan Pashman speaks with engaging personalities and uncovers within them a deep, shared passion for food. The Sporkful is the perfect well-rounded source of entertainment and food-for-thought for professionals.

Secret Sauce

Running a successful business is one thing, but marketing it is a different endeavor altogether. Look no further than Secret Sauce, a podcast that covers the ins and outs of restaurant marketing: setting KPIs, conducting marketing campaigns, and maintaining customer loyalty to name a few. Sourcing from marketing experts and data gathered from establishments across the globe, Secret Sauce guarantees an up-to-date strategy guide for reeling in more customers.

Lodging Leaders

Lodging is a large, complex, and dynamic business, requiring even the most seasoned hoteliers to be on their toes. Hosted by hospitality veterans Jon Albano and Judy Maxwell, Lodging Leaders offers weekly updates on major trends affecting the industry such as ongoing immigration concerns and the disruptive success of Airbnb. Featuring top hoteliers, speakers, and entrepreneurs as guests, this podcast is a treasure trove of insights fit for the decisive lodging expert.

Food Startups

Volatility defines startup management, where every step can make or break the company. For entrepreneurs plunging into the food industry, the Food Startups Podcast can be the guiding hand that points to a successful business model. With guests ranging from food authors to industry giants and even to other startups, Food Startups provides not only crucial advice but also much-needed inspiration and encouragement for a budding business.

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