The world’s first traveling 5G-powered hotel has just been unveiled by electronics company Oppo.

5G networks, to those who may be unfamiliar, are the latest generation of mobile internet connectivity. These networks offer faster speeds and more reliable smartphone connections.

The luxury one-bedroom suite features advanced technology including 5G cloud gaming, buffer-free streaming, a range of immersive augmented reality apps, and advanced smart home features including a smart mirror.

The smart mirror lets guests watch television and read the news, while the 5G cloud gaming feature offers a high-end gaming experience through providing access to a wide selection of games.

Oppo’s Reno smartphone

The entire hotel is powered by Oppo’s Reno smartphone, which is connected to a Google Home Hub, as well as an array of smart home features. Guests can use their voice to control the lighting, play songs from YouTube Music, ask questions, as well as get visual and immersive answers from Google.

The Australia-based smart hotel, which used to be a 40-feet shipping container, will be touring 5G locations throughout Australia over the next few months, beginning its journey in the Gold Coast.

The 5G hotel is available to book from Aug. 1 to Aug. 30 at Home of the Arts in Gold Coast for AU$150 (roughly P5,300) per night

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