A nurturing work and home environment are both essential in making employees and managers more productive. In order for ideas to flow smoothly, employees must be in a place where they are calm and relaxed. One way to achieve this kind of environment is by having a pet.

In group problem-solving, research shows that improved trust, cohesion, and cooperation as well as stronger employee engagement and morale are found in pet-friendly workplaces. Even brief and random encounters with pets in the area prove to be helpful in managing the stress of employees, thus decreasing chances of absenteeism and increasing productivity.

Businesses often overlook that having a pet-friendly workplace actually contributes to attracting and retaining employees. A study by Nationwide Pet Insurance shows that 90 percent of employees feel more engaged with their work and more connected to their company’s mission in pet-friendly environments. In order to align business values with the goal of creating a suitable working environment through pets, companies should support organizations who share the same sentiment in caring for pets. 

Hinge Inquirer team during the corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan

There are many animal rights groups that are committed to making sure that pets find a home that will nurture them. PAWSsion Project is one example. A Bacolod-based, non-profit group, PAWSsion Project’s mission is to rescue dogs from pounds and care for maltreated and abandoned dogs until they find owners.

On Sept. 27, F&B Report’s publisher Hinge Inquirer conducted a corporate social responsibility activity together with PAWSsion Project in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan.

Our team was greeted by over a dozen unadopted dogs looking for new homes. We started the day by segregating leaves, plastics, and glass to clean the area. Others painted the walls and transferred tires and large pieces of wood to their rightful places while the rest bonded with the dogs by giving them baths. The rest of the morning was spent playing with the dogs and walking them around the area.

Cleaning up the surrounding area of the PAWSsion Project as first task in the morning

By participating in these types of community projects, we are helping animals live better lives. The “Adopt, Don’t Shop” trend didn’t simply come out of the blue—it is deeply rooted in a noble cause of providing a safe environment for pets.

So, if you’re thinking of getting a pet for your home or for your workplace, here are a few reasons why adopting a pet instead of buying one is the better choice:

Saves a life

Most animals in animal shelters are victims of abuse or are neglected and abandoned. As much as staff from  shelter try their best to nurse traumatized dogs, sometimes the number of animals is too much to handle. Because of lack of resources such as medicine and food, some dogs (even the healthy ones) are euthanized. Adopting saves an animal and gives them a life far from what they’ve experienced. 

Saves money

You don’t have to worry about the spaying, neutering, or vaccination anymore—the shelter has most likely taken care of all that already. This means that the pet you are taking home is healthy and safe, plus the adoption fee (which is generally cheaper than what buying from pet shops would cost you) will help the shelter take care of the remaining animals better.

Eradicates puppy farms and pet shops

People operating puppy farms are only concerned about breeding, regardless of the animals’ condition. Sooner or later, animals bred in such places will contract diseases and problems as they aren’t treated in the best possible way. When animals can no longer breed and reproduce, they will most likely be put to death. Products of these puppy farms are often found in pet shops, and so adopting will save dogs from these malpractices and reduce funding for this illegal trade.

Puppies Jafar, Sam, Linda, Button and Sahara are all up for adoption at the PAWSsion Project

Improves health, makes you happier

It’s been scientifically proven that playing with animals increases serotonin and dopamine levels. Doing physical activities with animals such as taking them out for a morning jog or an afternoon walk can be a good exercise for the both of you.

Benefits children

Having a pet at home can teach children a sense of responsibility. This also helps children to be empathetic to animals and also aid those dealing with depression and anxiety.

They are housetrained

You can save a lot of time and effort because there’s no hassle in training adopted pets —they’ve most probably already been housetrained in their previous homes. 

Supports spaying and neutering

Spaying and neutering pets are procedures overlooked by a lot of pet owners. But they’re part of responsible pet ownership as they can potentially help reduce the number of dogs in shelters. Lastly, these procedures also improve pet behavior and provide life-long health benefits.

Tondo, along with the other dogs in the pound, are waiting for their new homes and owners

If you’re a business owner, you know that it’s not enough to just generate profit. It’s also important to keep certain principles intact and fulfil social responsibilities. So try giving back to your community by supporting organizations with worthwhile advocacies such as PAWSsion Project—you’re not only doing something good for animals in need, you’re also creating better work environments.

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