Gio Espital, founder of Quezon and Mindoro-based farm Elements of Tomorrow, says that laws or policies that control fruit and vegetable production will affect the future of agriculture.

Poor management in the food industry will also leave an adverse effect, particularly oversupply, according to Jam Melchor, founder of Philippine Culinary Heritage Movement. He says that as advocates for the well-being of farmers and preservation of Philippine cuisine, we must remember to echo farmers’ concerns and help them learn about dealing with oversupply through affordable means of crop rotation. 

Patrick Renucci, owner of the rice processing facility Chen Yi Agventures on the other hand, stresses the importance of researching about rice brands and learning where they come from. Renucci, advises consumers to find out if rice companies support local farmers (or only claim to do so) and to check if they’re mixed with local and imported grains.  

Meanwhile, Kai Farms director Karla Delgado takes on a more personal view on sustainability, reminding us to look into ourselves. Delgado says that sustainability is a choice and that there’s a need for us to shift how we see life and ourselves because our commitment to a more sustainable lifestyle begins with our view of health and wellness.