The Sustainability Solutions Expo (SSX), through the initiative of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Center of International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM), is set to happen on May 21-23 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila. Centered on the food and beverage sector, the first installment of SSX will introduce the latest sustainability business practices and processes for an environmental and economical industry.

The trade show will showcase local and international micro-, small and medium enterprises. Industry players from the different F&B sectors such as organic and natural food, technological and storage facilities, transport and logistics and waste management and recycling will be featured during the SSX. Certifying bodies for Halal, Kosher, Fair Trade, Organics and other financial institutions will be present as well. Raw material providers and experts on green engineering will also participate in the expo.

“Through the trade event, our MSMEs will gain access to new technologies that they can adopt for more efficient manufacturing, allowing the country to better integrate into the global supply chain. Further, the event will serve as a vehicle to spread awareness on international sustainability initiatives to encourage the public to adapt green consumption and lifestyle,” says CITEM executive director Pauline Suaco-Juan.

Through their partnerships with the Export Marketing Bureau and the World Wildlife Fund (they are also currently in the talks with the UN Development Programme and the UN Industrial Development Organization), the whole SSX is expected to strengthen food exports, ensure sustainable growth and support innovation in the country.

The first edition of SSX is inviting the following to the event: manufacturers, producers, importers and wholesalers, distributors and retailers, venture capitalists, policymakers and regulators, financial institutions, researchers and members of the academe. They are also expecting food companies, farm cooperatives, non-governmental organizations and local government units to take part in this sustainability initiative.

“SSX: F&B is also spearheaded to fast track the adoption of sustainable consumption and production in the country and contribute to global efforts in preserving the environment as part of the Philippines’ commitment in the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, with the United Nations,” says Suaco-Juan.

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