Your home is definitely a separate world from your office. But now that the current circumstances have pushed the majority of the industry to operate in a work-from-home setup, it seems that there’s almost no boundaries between the two. 

How can one remain professional while working from the comforts of their homes?

Honor your commitments

Even if work officially moved from the office to your home, you still need to meet the expected output for the day. Some might find it more difficult to focus now that the temptation to relax is harder to resist. Nothing shows professionalism better than getting the job done. Set a mindset dedicated for work and stick to what you need to accomplish such as reports, video conferences and other deliverables.

Mind your meetings

The work-from-home scheme has probably increased the number of meetings you have in a day. Despite not being in a physical meeting with your team or clients, a schedule is a schedule and you must treat online meetings with the same regard. Make sure that you’re prepared—whether it be your presentation, your project updates or your concerns. Keep a notepad ready so you can make a record of the changes and reminders that will be discussed. It also pays to dress up, especially if you’re facing a client. Being presentable reflects how seriously you take your meetings and instantly ups professionalism compared to wearing normal house clothes.

Check your communication

Now that you can’t tap your teammate on the shoulder or call them from your side of the office, all conversations are done on digital platforms. Being in constant communication with your team makes way for smooth transition of tasks. You need to find your way through the logistical challenges the remote scheme brings you. Just so everyone is aware of the status of your tasks, which can be crucial to your teammates’ outputs as well, make it a point to respond to their queries and provide updates when necessary.

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