For people who have had to transition to a work-from-home setup, finding the right workspace is crucial to productivity. How do you find the right combination of comfort and focus in a limited space? Remember these three Cs. 

Clean up your space

Probably the easiest, most obvious way to maximize your workspace is to tidy it up. Research shows that a simplified workspace boosts productivity. The more you create room in your area, the more you get a better sense of your surroundings. Clutter can create confusion and become distracting once you start working. Additionally, at a time when cleanliness and sanitation are valued more than ever, regularly ridding your work area of clutter as well as sanitizing what you usually use (such as your keyboard, desk and phone) will keep your health in check. 

Art by Clarisse Alfonso

Channel the right energy

Adding a few personal touches to your workspace can keep you at ease. You can add things like photos or a small plant to make your area more vibrant and alive. These little things will help you establish an emotional connection with your work and inspire you to be productive. However, remember not to overcrowd your workspace. A few simple things can already go a long way in bringing positive energy. Don’t forget quality lighting, if possible natural light, that’s not too glaring or too dim. Keep your workspace open, well-lit and clutter-free for optimum productivity.

Convert space

Finally, you can maximize your workspace by continuously rethinking its setup. Location instantly primes your brain for work. Create opportunities for movement such as removing big objects that are not correlated with the work you’re doing. Try to neatly stack things to create more open space on your desk. You can also find what works best for you if you rework your area. Exploring various arrangements, changing minimal decorations or even choosing a different area will make for a workspace that’s comfortable and conducive to productivity. 

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