Persons with disabilities (PWDs) have it tough—and the pandemic only worsened their plight.

According to Project Inclusion Network’s (PIN) rapid assessment conducted on 75 PWDs, 70 percent of them have had their employment affected by the pandemic. Although some are on a work-from-home arrangement, there are still those who are under a  “no work, no pay” system or reduced working hours policy while others are at a risk of losing their jobs. The respondents pointed out that it will be challenging for them to adjust to the new normal, more so find employment opportunities.

Since 1979, under Proclamation No. 1870, the third week of July has been declared  National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week. To respond to the health and economic crisis impacting the livelihood of PWDs, a survey entitled “Moving Towards Disability Inclusive Recovery in Employment and Livelihood in the time of COVID-19” is currently being conducted.

“The survey aims to further determine the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on PWDs in employment and entrepreneurship, and document their needs to be able to participate in the labor and entrepreneurial market post-pandemic,” according to the Department of Trade and Industry’s official website.

The survey will run until Aug. 14, 2020. This will be available via online google survey form and fillable PDFs in English and Filipino. Phone enumerators will also be available for respondents who would like to participate in the survey via mobile call. 

PWDs who would like to gain employment or entrepreneurship opportunities will benefit from this survey as the results (which will be shared with the public) will aid policy makers in creating “inclusive recovery efforts towards supporting decent and equitable work and livelihood opportunities in the new normal.” 

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