It’s World Egg Day on Oct. 13 and an Indian startup is introducing a new food innovation of an all-day breakfast staple—vegan eggs. The “eggs” are made exclusively of vegetable protein and come in liquid form. How will the consumer market respond to this new take on eggs?

Egg is one of the most commonly consumed foods in the world. The total global egg production in 2018 is at 76.7 metric tons and it continues to see substantial growth. According to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, each person consumes 145 eggs per year.

The Mumbai-based food tech company EVO Foods developed these vegan eggs by extracting protein from legumes, which are then fermented before being injected with texture agents. According to the group, these cruelty-free vegan eggs are more sustainable than conventional eggs, containing no cholesterol and antibiotics. They have a shelf life of six months and will be distributed in direct-to-consumer websites and various restaurants in India.

Changes in eating habits and the introduction of different diets urged researchers to explore the various alternatives for food components such as animal protein. We’ve seen meatless patties by American startups Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat as well as vegan luncheon meat by food tech company OmniFoods.

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