Pizza restaurant chain Shakey’s is set to open its first branch in Singapore in the second or third quarter of 2021, following a seven-year deal with Singapore’s Brenrich Pte Ltd.  The store will be located in Lucky Plaza Mall, and is expected  to attract Filipino diners in the region, especially overseas workers, as well as Singaporeans in the business district.

Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures Inc.’s president and CEO Vicente Gregory believes that Singapore is at the forefront of global recovery. The group plans to set the company’s medium and long-term priorities for the post-COVID world. This primarily means a strengthened presence in the Philippine market and established international locations.

The entire menu of Shakey’s will be offered to Singapore customers, including its signature thin crust pizzas as well as chicken and mojos. In consideration of Singapore’s large Muslim population, some of the food will be tweaked to comply with halal standards.

Shakey’s currently has three stores abroad and 242 outlets in the Philippines, making it the country’s largest pizza parlor chain operator.

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