With the pandemic closing down many businesses, Filipinos, especially senior citizens and persons with disabilities, have been left with little or no means of earning a living. 

Thankfully, there’s Ordinance No. 8598, which Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso, signed in March 2020. 

The ordinance requires “fast food corporations to provide temporary employment to qualified senior citizens, differently abled persons, and persons with disability, (who are) residents of Manila, as part of the social amelioration program of the city.”

Moreover, fast food joints should provide jobs to qualified individuals for a period of not more than six months. Companies are also prohibited from assigning them tasks that are hazardous and beyond the capabilities of senior citizens and persons with disabilities.

“Each branch of the fast food corporations under this ordinance shall give employment to at least two senior citizens and one person with disability with a salary of at least the minimum wage provided under the Labor Code, and with a minimum four hours work for at least four days each working week,” Domagoso said during the first signing of the ordinance.

In a Facebook post, the Public Employment Service Office of Manila recognized Jollibee for accepting senior citizens and persons with disabilities in its roster of employees.