When customers enter a restaurant, the first people to greet them already set an impression—and the first thing customers notice is what they wear. 

Uniforms promote a brand’s identity, determine customer satisfaction, and boost employee motivation. This is precisely why uniforms aren’t something you can overlook. It says a lot about you and your business. The clothes on the servers’ backs sometimes reveal the restaurant’s ambition. Alongside face masks and other personal protective equipment, which among these designs will you take inspiration from? 

Waitstaff uniform from Bank Bar and Grace Park
Waitstaff uniform from Bank Bar and Grace Park

Bank Bar

The secret spot’s bulletproof vest plays on self-preservation against the brutality of shots-drunk night owls, as much as its real-life versions dodge ammunition. Created by designer Gian Romano, this may well be the bar scene’s most sophisticated ensemble yet.

Grace Park

The specs of Grace Park’s denim outfit fall right at the heart of what’s become the everyday Filipino staple: denim done right. The various tones give it a softer feel and the laid-back, down-to-earth look adds to the farm-to-table dining experience.

From left: Waitstaff uniforms from M Café, Lusso, and Adaäm & Yves
From left: Waitstaff uniforms from M Café, Lusso, and Adaäm & Yves

M Café

From the easy-on-the-eyes parted fabric to the playful pirate pants, everything about the former Greenbelt dining institution M Café’s livery screams comfort. Its strength is its great maneuverability, which allows servers to deliver more bounce than brood.


Lusso’s sleek Italy-in-mind ensemble is a little upscale for the restaurant’s mall setting, but it has sharply detailed, pearly surprises up its sleeves that retain a certain cheeky charm and evoke some of the pizzazz of its luxe interiors.

Adaäm & Yves

To stand out in a saturated field, consider a non-traditional uniform like this customized olive onesie straight from Sean Go’s style sensibilities who used to own organic bistro Adaäm & Yves. Designed by the fashion stylist-slash-restaurateur himself, the one-piece garment is simple, though much appreciated additions like pockets elevate the overall value and impression.