With food deliveries at an all-time high because of pandemic lockdowns, it’s only right to look at how such services inevitably affect the environment. Among the first to do something about the harmful fumes generated by food delivery vehicles is fast food chain KFC, which rolled out electric bikes in Metro Manila and nearby provinces for an eco-friendly delivery service. 

This is part of the restaurant’s initiative to cut down its carbon footprint and contribute to efforts addressing climate change. Electric vehicles have three times less carbon footprint than conventional motorcycles.

With no direct carbon emission, e-vehicles help improve the quality of air in the area. Compared to conventional delivery motorcycles, there’s no noise pollution coming from e-bikes, which are also lighter and easier to navigate.

KFC has called on the private sector to join the green movement and similarly use and promote sustainable food delivery services. Its initiative started last year, with 72 more e-vehicles set to be distributed in select stores. The group also recently opened the business for sub-franchising.