There’s a study on German consumers that showed a higher chance of flexitarians ordering meat dishes at a restaurant compared to when they were at home. People had a tendency of treating themselves to something more indulgent when dining out. This is one reason why restaurants need to put more thought on where they source their meat.

The Primebeef Co., which has been in business for 32 years now,  started out selling Luzon-based cattle at the Farmers Market in Cubao. But when demand for higher quality beef grew, they turned to importation of frozen meat as an alternative. Marketing associate Paulo Raphael Briones says, “The economies of scale and efficiency of meat processors abroad brought about good price levels and quality meat at the same time.”

Now, they are a retail and bulk supplier of quality meats and steaks across Manila as well as the exclusive distributor of American Black Mountain Premium Beef, which comes from the Black Angus cattle. Their cattle are humanely raised and corn-fed to ensure consistent and excellent marbling. They also carry Miyabi beef, which hails from a mountain region in Kyushu, Japan. The meat scores A4 with the highest rating for beef marble score at Level 6.


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“When customers ask us what the best steak is, it really depends on what you want, what you’re looking for or prefer. Some like the nutty taste of a dry aged steak while others prefer a lean cut of meat and this is why we import from a variety of origins and get differently processed products from each place. You can taste the difference between steaks that are grass-fed versus grain-fed or how Japan obviously knows how to breed their wagyu to get that rich taste with marbling like no other,” Briones explains.

“That’s why it is important for us to always educate our team about where our products come from and how they are processed to make sure we can pass on the knowledge to our customers and share in the experience of finding the right products for them.”

Some of their most popular products are the wagyu burger patties, tomahawks, and ribeye steaks. “Of course the Ribeye is our best selling cut because it’s a good balance between quality and value for money with all the different brands and types,” he adds.

“Knowing where your food comes from is crucial because it directly impacts your health and well-being,” says Chingolo social media marketing manager Coleen Iñigo.

A younger brand that’s offering beef from Argentina is Chingolo Deli & Kitchen. Social media marketing manager Coleen Iñigo says, “Erwan Heussaff and Nico Bolzico started importing beef into the Philippines after a trip to Argentina in 2016. The beef they tried there had no equivalent in the market in terms of price and flavor. The business, just like our cattle, grew organically from there.”

Although their most purchased cut is also the ribeye, Iñigo observes a slight shift from those who want to experiment. “People also tend to order what they know, so the ribeye and the tenderloin are probably the most familiar. However, our customers eventually order again and when they do, they experiment with cuts like skirt, cuadril, flank, and picanha. All of these have different flavor profiles and can be cooked in different ways.”

Iñigo swears by grass-fed meat and believes that you will taste the difference. “Once you’ve tried grass-fed beef, you’ll realize that it’s very different from grain-fed beef or other species like wagyu. It’s beefier, slightly leaner, and doesn’t leave you feeling sluggish and uncomfortably full,” she claims.

Diners are a lot more discerning now and many look for the provenance of their food. “Knowing where your food comes from is crucial because it directly impacts your health and well-being. The phrase ‘You are what you eat’ holds significant truth; therefore, being aware of the source of your food allows you to make informed choices that contribute to your overall nutrition and vitality,” she says.

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