In this fast-paced world where information about food is readily available, researching online can be overwhelming. Fortunately, these food documentaries make it easier to understand the origin and nature of the food we consume. Partnered with appealing visuals and humane insights, these stimulate not just our appetites, but our minds as well.

“Chef’s Table: Pastry”

Photo from Netflix

The award-winning documentary series from David Gelb has been going inside the kitchens and lives of the world’s best chefs for three seasons now, and the fourth season will have pastry chefs Will Goldfarb, Corrado Assenza, Jordi Roca, and Christina Tosi taking the spotlight to let viewers in on their struggles and victories in perfecting desserts.


This six-episode documentary reveals shocking truths of corruption, crime, and fraud that surround some of our basic commodities. For instance, the pilot episode unveils the shady business of mixing honey with hidden additives and marketing it as “pure honey” to supply growing demands despite the increasing number of bees dying all over the world. Now that big corporations have literally changed the nature and origin of the food we eat, this documentary aims to educate viewers and encourage them to be more mindful with their food choices.


“The Game Changers”

Patrik Baboumian (Image courtesy of Sundance Institute and by The Game Changers)

James Cameron’s highly-anticipated documentary will aim to kill the mentality that meat is necessary for protein, strength, and optimum health by gathering testimonies from athletes, bodybuilders, soldiers, and even an action star who observed and experienced significant improvement in overall body condition by going vegan. The documentary will also provide scientific statistics and facts that will further debunk the “meat is masculine” mentality.

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