JM Sunglao wants you to cook in style.

As The Dr. Chefy’s apron designer and marketer, he has taken on the responsibility of making fellow chefs and servers look good while preparing and serving food. Since 2015, the premium apron brand he launched with Dr. Allan Jay Domingo has gained a following among food establishments and salons. “I can’t even tell how many aprons we’ve produced already,” he says.

The designs are customized and the materials are locally sourced. The fabrics come from different parts of Manila and the accessories are from Marikina. Sunglao handles the patterns, form, and construction, while the doctor’s fabric company handles the production.

“That’s why our prices are quite higher compared to ordinary apron brands.” Despite the hectic schedule that the business brings, Sunglao remains motivated in coming up with beautiful and functional designs fit for the client’s brand.

“I just love making aprons for them, and seeing them wear my work makes me happy.”

JM Sunglao wearing the "Andrew" apron
JM Sunglao wearing the “Andrew” apron