Medley Modern Mediterranean is redefining “fast food” through grab-and-go meals designed with meat lovers, vegetarians, and vegans in mind.

Like the name implies, Medley Modern Mediterranean is an assortment of Mediterranean-inspired dishes ranging from falafel sandwiches to Levantine chicken rice bowls—but it’s also more than that. “What that means to me is, it’s a variety of all the recipes and all our life experiences, as a family, combined into one place,” says founder David Tweg.

Headed by David and his father Michael Tweg, Medley was borne from three generations of Tweg family recipes combined with the Israeli father-and-son duo’s experience running a 24/7 falafel shop in El Nido, Palawan and a kiosk at the Legaspi Sunday Market.

Medley Modern Mediterranean: Levantine chicken bowl
Levantine chicken bowl

After six to eight months of research and preparation, the Twegs curated a menu of dishes that, while Mediterranean at its core, also took the Filipino palate into account. So while some dishes are authentically Mediterranean (like their beef kofte bowl), others put a Mediterranean twist on familiar Asian favorites (like the seared tuna sashimi salad). Served with only fresh ingredients free of preservatives and artificial flavors, all under 15 minutes, orders can also be customized to your preference.

“I believe food should be enjoyed in its freshest and untreated form, just good food made with love—the way nature intended it,” says David. With ingredients sourced directly from local farmers in Baguio and Tagaytay, sustainability also seems to be on the menu. By the end of the first quarter, David says that they aim to get all of their products directly from local farmers, joining other restaurants in their farm-to-table efforts.

Medley Modern Mediterranean: Garden Medley Pizza
Garden Medley Pizza