A restaurant wouldn’t be what it is today if not for those bussing tables and serving orders. An integral part of any food establishment, these underappreciated jobs are the focus of JobStreet’s newly launched platform JobXpress.

Targeted primarily at the skilled and semi-skilled workforce, JobXpress, with the support of the Department of Labor and Employment, was created to address the country’s demand for vocational and technical workers.

Source: JobStreet.com

From October to December 2018 alone, JobXpress had 6.7 million visits, 69 percent of which was via mobile access. Of the 8.6 million registered candidates, eight percent come from the hotel and restaurant industry, amounting to almost 700,000 F&B job-seekers. Many users on the website have a college degree and less than a year of experience under their belt, making this a go-to platform for those just starting out in the hotel or restaurant industry.

Source: JobStreet.com

Beyond just building a community of skilled workers, JobXpress aims to close the unemployment gap in the Philippines. While unemployment is currently at 5.1 percent as of the start of 2019, much lower than the 6.6 percent of mid-2017, that still accounts for thousands of Filipinos without a job. “We look at JobXpress as taking us closer to our dream of providing a job for every Filipino,” says Philip Gioca, country manager for JobStreet.com Philippines.

The service is accessible via desktop and mobile devices, and jobseekers and job offerers can sign up, apply, and find jobs for free. Job ads are also put through a verification process to ensure legitimacy and safety for potential job-seekers.

While the jobs on JobXpress aren’t the highest paying ones out there, they still offer opportunities for those looking to start out in the food industry and make a living.

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