As stated in the Department of Trade and Industry’s MSME Publications, here’s the process flow on how to register your business.

Step 1: Business entity registration

A.) Sole proprietorship – Register with the Department of Trade and Industry

B.) Partnership/Corporation – Register with the Securities and Exchange Commission 

C.) Cooperative – Register with the Cooperative Development Authority 

Step 2: Business permit

Apply for the business permit and license from the city or municipality where the business is located. Secure sector-specific clearances such as Department of Tourism (DOT) for travel agencies, Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) for food and cosmetics, and Department of Education (DepEd) for learning centers.

Step 3: Register with BIR

Register with the Bureau of Internal Revenue District Office where the business is going to be located for authority to print Invoice and Book of Journal.

Step 4: Other registration requirements

Register your business with the following offices to comply with existing regulations:

A.) Social Security System (SSS)

B.) Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)

C.) PhilHealth


E.) Department of Environment and Natural Resources