The latest numbers on the coronavirus outbreak: over 113,000 infected, 4,000 dead and 66,000 recovered. While we’re faced with this growing threat, the public is advised to be more cautious than ever. Here are some preventive guidelines you can follow in the workplace to prevent spreading and contracting coronavirus.

Practice “safe” greetings when encountering an individual
Avoid greetings that require physical contact, especially a handshake. Instead, wave, nod, bow or touch elbows to acknowledge each other.

Maintain a social distance of one meter (three feet) from someone who is sneezing or coughing
If you stand too close to a person suspected of having the virus, there’s a chance you might inhale liquid droplets when they sneeze or cough. And if you have to sneeze or cough and don’t have a tissue at hand, distance yourself from people around you and do it on your flexed elbows. Dispose any used tissue immediately. 

Avoid sharing communal items
Utensils, mugs and even pens must be of personal use only. Any item or surface that you frequently touch such as smartphones, laptops and desks must always be cleaned and disinfected. 

Utilize technology for meetings that can be done online
Travel bans are being imposed all over the world and even major industry events have been moved to digital platforms in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Aside from leave policies in the office, you can try a work-from-home scheme where you can instead meet on a digital platform to avoid physical contact and risk the spread of the virus.

Stay at home when you’re sick
Load up on water, vitamins and rest. Advise the same thing to your employees or colleagues who are not feeling well. Better yet, consult a doctor immediately once you experience fever, coughing and sneezing.

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