Most people don’t have access to fresh, high-quality nutritious food. At a time of crisis when supply is limited and stricter safety protocols are implemented, it’s much more difficult to obtain these products. However, growing your own vegetable garden can turn things around for you and your business. Here’s why you should start producing your own food. 

Improves overall health

Having a vegetable garden means you can harvest produce at their peak development as well as control the conditions of your crop (sunlight, water or fertilizer) to achieve optimum quality, which you can either use as supply for your business or for personal consumption. 

Gardening is more than just choosing which plants to grow—it takes a ton of physical work such as digging soil and pulling weeds. For a person weighing about 150 pounds, it can burn 272 calories an hour, which is more than what you burn while walking at a moderate pace.

Growing your own produce also instantly benefits your mental health. Refocusing your attention to your vegetable garden may take your mind off your usual stressors—a quick, productive and effective escape from a busy schedule. It’s a natural reliever, too as soaking in the sun and breathing in fresh air can improve your mood and give you a sense of accomplishment.

Saves money

You can spend a little amount of money for seeds and yield more than what you expected, a supply that can already last you for months. The price for a pack of seeds is almost equivalent to when you’ll buy it as a single fruit or vegetable. Since you have a good amount of produce already, you can easily cross them off your grocery list. Gardening cuts costs and makes room for other essential items in your budget. You can also use kitchen scraps and organic garden debris for compost, therefore minimizing the waste you produce out of food.

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