The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has released the same price list on Noche Buena products from 2019. Based on the agency’s memo, the suggested retail prices (SRP) cover ham, fruit cocktail, cheese, pasta, sandwich spread, mayonnaise, macaroni, creamer, spaghetti, and tomato sauce, with some products having a limited price timeline.

“The process is not easy, but we appreciate the response of many companies as they want to show the bayanihan spirit by not increasing (the prices of) their Christmas products this year. We talked to each manufacturer to retain the 2019 prices (of their) Noche Buena products,” says DTI Undersecretary Ruth Castelo. 

Prior to the release of the price list, the DTI Consumer Protection Group reviewed the prices and the proposals of some companies for a price increase. DTI conferred with manufacturers to evaluate the basis of any price adjustment and cost increases. The agency wanted minimal cost movement or, if possible, no price increase at all, especially since many Filipinos are experiencing financial difficulties due to the pandemic

“The DTI extends its appreciation to the manufacturers for showing their solidarity in providing affordable Noche Buena products to the consumers this Christmas by committing to retain their 2019 prices for this year despite COVID-19,” says Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez. 

Below is DTI’s Noche Buena SRP Bulletin:

Product Unit Price Range
Ham 500g P135.00 – P189.00
800g P196.00 – P430.00
1kg P299.00 – P1,025.00
Fruit Cocktail 432g P50.35 – P56.45
3kg P202.75 – P239.40
Cheese 165g P49.50 – P89.00
500g P118.20 – P165.60
Keso de Bola 350g P199.00 – P320.00
500g P279.50 – P410.00
750g P435.30 – P539.00
Sandwich Spread 200g P72.00 – P85.00
220ml (pouch) P52.50 – P89.45
220ml (jar) P59.85 – P99.80
470ml (jar) P122.85 – P205.80
Mayonnaise 220ml (pouch) P47.55 – P83.35
470ml (jar) P96.50 – P196.35
700ml (jar) P140.00 – P283.00
Pasta/Spaghetti 400g P30.00 – P52.50
500g P55.00 – P73.00
900g P57.00 – P87.65
Elbow and Salad Macaroni 200g P18.75 – P36.65
400g P31.00 – P58.05
1kg P64.00 – P98.65
Spaghetti Sauce 250g P22.00 – P27.90
500g P42.00 – P57.70
1kg P60.70 – P84.20
Tomato Sauce 200g P15.50 – P19.70
1kg P62.00 – P78.25
Creamer 250ml P55.00 – P59.00
370ml P47.00 – P55.00


The 2020 Noche Buena SRP Bulletin is uploaded on the e-Presyo or Online Price Monitoring System section of the DTI website along with other price guides on basic necessities and prime commodities.

To report retailers, distributors, and manufacturers that sell basic necessities and prime commodities above the SRPs, consumers may call the DTI Hotline at 1-384 (1-DTI) or email [email protected]