It may not be the season to be fully jolly, but time is ticking and there’s no stopping Christmas. It’s been rough for businesses lately, including the food industry, but just hold on. Even bad times can’t last. 

Have you envisioned how your business will perform during the holidays? If not, here are food items you should always include in your offerings to help secure a merry Christmas—and perhaps a good start next year.

Puto bumbong

Traditionally made from a special variety of heirloom glutinous rice called pirurutong, this purple rice cake is one of the most symbolic Christmas food items. This delicacy is often cooked in bamboo tubes and then served with margarine, sugar and grated coconut. Now that it may be a little difficult to get a hold of this street food item with quarantine restrictions, having it readily available will bring the holiday cheer in your customers’ homes.


Another treat that’s most representative of the nine-day Simbang Gabi series is bibingka, which is made from ground rice and water. But what makes it stand out from other rice goodies is the way it’s cooked—with fire, usually from heated coal, below and above the bibingka batter. Aside from the traditional sliver of white cheese, you can make your own bibingka more special by adding milk, butter, and other flavors to your liking. 


Here’s a gentle reminder that the simplest dishes are often the best. This log of minced meat has different versions around the world, depending on the ingredients and cooking method used. South Africa’s embutido is spiced with curry while that of Indonesia uses fish instead of beef and is cooked over charcoal rather than baked. Pretty sure every Filipino household has its own style of making embutido. Why not turn yours into a business venture?

Leche flan

Every festivity deserves a llanera or two of this caramel flan. Leche flan, originally from the Spanish term flan de leche, which means milk flan, is a popular Filipino dessert. This custard is typically made with milk and lots of egg yolks, and is often compared with crème brûlée (which has a hardened caramel layer on top). What will give your leche flan an edge? Balanced sweetness, creaminess, and the right texture.

Fruit cake

While not everyone is a fan of fruit cake, this dense pastry often makes it to most people’s holiday table. The good news is that it’s so versatile that you can customize it to your customers’ preferences. Raisins, nuts, and other glazed fruits make this a festive offering, while the alcoholbourbon, rum, and whiskeybrushed on top of balances the sweetness. Homemade baked goods always have a place in Christmas. How will you spice up yours?