KFC recently surprised us with its off-the-wall marketing strategy this holiday season—a mini movie starring actor and TV host Mario Lopez. If we were to put this in the local context, what brands can pull off a similar approach? We’re here to pitch storylines featuring some favorite Filipino brands.


Jollibee is no stranger to traditional TV commercials that center on romance. Why not take off from this and use its most popular celebrity couples to star in a rom-com with interlocking narratives concerning chicken instead of Christmas—something like “Love, Actually”?

Mang Inasal

Finding the right restaurant to eat chicken inasal can be tough. Can the quest for the perfect inasal place pave the way for true love? Imagine if its brand endorsers Coco Martin and Angel Locsin were to team up for this. Is this the recipe for a Mang Inasal series a la Spanish action telenovela? How about a Mang Inasal teleserye about an adopted chicken brought up by Mang Inasal himself? Equal parts “Mara Clara” and every other telenovela on local TV.


Perhaps it’s time to look into what goes on in the life of a chicken before it ends up in a roaster. Although this can raise criticism from animal rights activists, Andok’s can definitely take a leaf from the 1998 classic movie “Babe: Pig In The City.” 

Burger Machine

What if Burger Machine took the nostalgia route? Since this burger joint has been around since the 1980s, the storyline can be on the most significant events that traversed Philippine history in the years since.

RC Cola

The controversial RC Cola ad is probably one of the most talked about publicity stunts of the year. There have been various explanations as to what the point of the commercial is. Was it a tad insensitive? Was it content made purely on the idea of “basta”? RC Cola can leverage this virality and come up with a redemption arc, something that will tie up with the glass-and-soda-family narrative.

What other concepts would you like to see? Chime in on the comments section below.