Who says you can’t enjoy a good show while sharpening your entrepreneurial skills? Let these movies and documentaries provide you an in-depth (and entertaining) look at the life of business leaders, large firms, and the world of business. 

“The Wolf of Wall Street”

The real-life story of Jordan Belfort, a Wall Street stockbroker whose career of fraud and corruption brought him almost one million dollars a week, reveals the insatiable corporate greed, manipulations, recklessness, and madness behind (a rather short-lived) success. “The Wolf of Wall Street” brings unusual intelligence, trade secrets, business ethics, and iconic sales pitches to the table. 


“A New Capitalism”

This is the story of Brazilian, Indian, and Mexican entrepreneurs launching new business models that advocate for profitable businesses and social equality—an alternative to current capitalist structures.

“Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates”

This three-part documentary follows the life of tech giant and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates—one of the most successful entrepreneurs and second wealthiest person alive. Directed by Academy Award winner Davis Guggenheim, this documentary shows viewers how the constant pursuit of discovery and innovation, the role of social advocacy, and the power of unplugging made Gates the legend he is now. 


“Dirty Money”

Entrepreneurs need to draw the line between opportunity and exploitation, and this investigative documentary reveals just that. “Dirty Money” exposes how firms are willing to chase profit at the expense of the lower class and a blatant overriding of judicial systems. HSBC’s, Volkswagen’s, and Donald Trump’s thirst for wealth are uncovered in this remarkable show.


“American Factory”

This Academy Award-winning documentary talks about a divisive clash in workplace culture and the consequences of global hypercapitalism. The film follows the lives of Chinese workers struggling with American radicalism when a Chinese billionaire opens a large-scale glass factory that hires over 2,000 blue-collar Americans. Meanwhile, the Americans tried to understand the uniformity of the hundreds of Chinese workers they joined in an era of automation.


“The Pursuit of Happyness”

Chris Gardner’s true story as a multimillionaire entrepreneur shares the hardships of being homeless and a single father who lives on being an unpaid intern as a stockbroker.


“Jobs” shows the story of how Apple founder Steve Jobs, one of the most revered creatives, went from being a college dropout to one of the world’s greatest visionaries.


“The Founder”

A struggling salesman from Illinois, Ray Kroc met Richard and Maurice McDonald—the founders of global fast food giant McDonald’s—who were then running a burger operation in South Carolina. This true story follows the brothers’ efficient burger operation that inspired Kroc to turn their eatery into what became one of the world’s biggest restaurant businesses.