Illustrating the history of bibingka

Bibingka is basically ground rice and water. It is generally called kakanin from the word kanin, meaning cooked


What to cook now? Lamb

As I sit in the afternoon traffic northbound of EDSA, gazing at the taillights of buses, cars and


What to cook now? Cauliflower

In many regards, cauliflower has always held a special place in my heart. Growing up in the south


How to make longganisa

Have you ever heard of the expression “nothing goes to waste”? Well, sausage-making was borne out of that


Soy for dessert? It’s possible

With the constant search for well-balanced desserts, soy has gained a steady popularity in the confectionary world. Soy


What to cook now? Black garlic

Black garlic has been praised for its complex layers of flavor composition: hints of caramel, balsamic and subtle

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