Bazaars are one of the most popular destinations for Christmas shopping. These shopping hubs transform into a melting pot of local culture and celebrations during the holidays. In the face of the current crisis, one of the biggest Christmas bazaars decided to move online to become a year-round marketplace.

The Noel Bazaar has been home to thousands of merchants and visited by an average of 4,000 shoppers daily for the past two decades. Now that it has made the shift to e-commerce, it aims to connect buyers and sellers real-time. Merchants don’t have to worry about order taking, logistics, and payment, they only need to prepare their merchandise.

noel bazaar online

Each participating Noel Bazaar merchant will receive a personalized landing page where they can better express their brand’s identities online. An order verification system will inform the seller of any incoming orders for dispatch and delivery, including the day of pickup. Sellers can also choose their own delivery service and gain access to payment gateways.

Here’s everything you need to register your business to Noel Bazaar:

For individual/sole proprietor:

  • Two valid government-issued IDs
  • Business permit or proof of billing
  • Bank certification of existing bank account
  • Signed contact form

For corporation/registered partnership:

  • Certificate of registration
  • Latest general information sheet
  • Business permit of head office
  • Bank certification of existing bank account
  • Signed contact form

To learn more about Noel Bazaar, email [email protected] or visit their site.